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2020 Delegate Selection - Hillary DNC Event

2020 Delegate Selection

learn about being a delegate for your favorite candidate

Every four years delegates are elected to attend their party's nominating convention and vote for the party's nominee. These delegates are elected at the state level.   Every candidate running for President will need delegates on the ballot - in every Congressional District across the state.

Democratic Party: The majority of Illinois delegates to the 2020 Democratic National  Convention will be selected in the Illinois Democratic Primary election  in March of 2020. This year Illinois has 184 delegates and 13 alternates and the majority will be elected during the March 17, 2020 Primary Election.  

YOU can be a part of this process and run as a delegate.  To learn more about how to be a delegate, you can attend an informational meeting on the process hosted by the Democratic Party of Illinois

Learn more about the Democratic Party of Illinois Delegate Selection Plan here.

Convention Dates

Democratic National Convention (Milwaukee, WI): 7/13-7/16/2020 

Republican National Convention (Charlotte, NC): 9/24-9/27/2020

Attend an informational meeting on the delegate process

The Democratic Party of Illinois is  holding 20 informational sessions across the state to educate Democrats  on the process of selecting delegates to the 2020 Democratic National  Convention in Milwaukee next July. 

At the sessions they will cover:

-Illinois Democratic delegate selection process

-Delegate’s role in the selection of the Democratic presidential nominee

-How to become a delegate

-Duties and responsibilities of a delegate

-How to connect with a presidential campaign