Illinois Women Vote

About Illinois women vote

Who is illinois women vote

Illinois Women Vote is a partnership of Dara Chevlin Tarkowski, Sarah Kammerer, and Kimberly Walz.  Kimberly was the Director of Illinois Women for Hillary, Sarah founded ChiWomenVote and Dara is the Managing Partner of Actuate Law and force behind Sharp Mamas. We decided to join forces (and lists!) to engage as many women about the 2020 presidential election.  Together we have a network of over 8,000 engaged women in Illinois.

What are you doing?

Illinois Women Vote is hosting meet and greets for 2020 presidential candidates in Illinois.  In addition, we will send out emails announcing volunteer opportunities and upcoming campaign events.

coming soon

As we get closer to the election, Illinois Women Vote will offer campaign training and be coordinating road trips to Iowa and neighboring states to volunteer for the 2020 presidential candidates.  Stay tuned!


are you endorsing a candidate?

Illinois Women Vote is an open and nonpartisan network made up of people from all parts of Illinois regardless of age, race, education, gender, or political identity. Our goal is to convene and connect by celebrating the power of our voice and our vote. This is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse any candidates. We are here to offer information and the opportunities to meet the candidates and make your own choice.  The opinions and platforms of the candidates are theirs.

Will you send out an email about my event?

We wish we could shout from the rooftops about all of the amazing candidates and elected leaders in Illinois...but Illinois Women Vote is only providing information on  the 2020 presidential campaigns.

are you raising money?

No, but we encourage you to give, whether $5, $50 or $500 because every dollar counts. For example, in the Democratic primary, in order to qualify to participate in the debates for the next presidential election, candidates must have a minimum of 65,000 donors (of any amount) from 20 states, including at least 200 unique donors per state.  

is this just for women?

Not at all.  Women rock and we want to engage as many women as possible in the 2020 presidential election.  That being said, men and people regardless of age, race, education, gender, or political identity are absolutely welcome too.

will you just be doing events in chicago?

We hope not, however our events are based on the candidate's schedule and when/where they are in Illinois.  We will also be providing volunteer/event information for our neighboring states.  Road trip!

will you send out their fundraising events?

We will only be sending out fundraising events for 2020 presidential candidates that have committed to also hosting a meet and greet with Illinois Women Vote.  We want all women to have a chance to meet the candidates, even if they can't afford to attend one of their fundraisers.

where is my favorite candidate?

We are also only listing announced candidates, so if your favorite isn't yet listed...stay tuned.

How Much are your events?

The only cost you have is the investment of your time to come and meet the 2020 presidential candidates.  


You are already our favorite person.  Drop us a line at